Monthly Archives: September 2014

Learning Intensives

Take control of your education and ministry preparation We have many learning modules, programs and established mediums through which our students learn. While learning is not at one's leisure, we do offer programs for both ends of the spectrum in relation to advancement of time in the books. We have a module program that allows…
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Online Learning

The whole world is on social media together, why can't they be learning too? As you'll see quickly, GSTPS has venues, courses, class work, lectures, videos, digital classrooms, and much more. We have in class options, group options and of course, ONLINE LEARNING. ¬†Getting a degree online is all the rave these days and in…
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Who’s With Us?

If ever there was a time to work together, it is now... The time for building something with greed in mind is over, so not only does Grace School of Theology and Pastor's Seminary provide ample scholarships, we also partner with many churches, colleges, seminaries, theologians, ministries and learning centers to make what we do…
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