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Seminary Training Focused on Applied Theology For the Local Church

While theological and biblical training can be found in many places, very few experiences offer sound doctrinal and hermeneutical understanding and application. GSTPS provides not only sound teaching but sound learning and instruction by world-class professors who are actively invested in the ministry, not just the classroom.

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What Sets GSTPS Apart from Other Institutions?

The list would be too vast to compare, but in short, we hold to what we believe is the best model of learning and ministry preparation for the local church.

  • customized learning assessments
  • local and distance classrooms
  • full ministry preparatory
  • theologically narrow focus (orthodoxy)
  • world-class experts in all fields
  • a myopic focus on theological studies & scripture
  • applied theology at the core

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world-wide class rooms benefit the local church

Your learning should be life-long, and it should be geared and tailored to the call in your life. GSTPS prepares Christians to be actively invested in the local church and her ministry and so you don't have to "quit" serving to become an academic.


expert evaluation on learning assessment

Not every student is geared or prepared to become an academic. While we offer the highest of academic fortitude and scrutiny, we also provide custom learning assessments for every course offered so that evaluation and course credit can be effectively assured for every student, no matter how well they test, write, or speak.


application or else

So what? What good is what you just learned if it has no real-world application? Even if it is applied to the practice and expression of worship, all learning through GSTPS requires applied outcomes and assessment. So, when you read Barth and his opponents, you will know why it is important and be able to show how it will apply to the ministry that you serve or will serve.

Esteemed Faculty, Facilitators, Course Writers and Evaluators:

  • Michael Cuellar, Ph.D.

    Cuellar was previously at North Carolina Central University for five years before coming to Georgia Southern…

  • Caroline Beek

      Caroline holds two doctorates from Harvard and Biblical languages training at Oxford. Her zeal is to…

  • James H. Tippins

    Prior to God’s call to pastoral ministry, he and his wife Robyn owned a Marketing and…

  • Alan Smith

    Nulla facilisi. Aenean nec eros. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibu. Suspendisse congue 1986 viverra nunc…

Our values

  • Career Opportunities
    At GSTPS we are always looking for bright and determined educators, evaluators, writers, course designers and specialists on theological studies and our other core disciplines. Most of all, we are ready to invest in those who are already doing what we do: teaching...
  • Education with Value
    GTSPS strives to offer the highest quality teaching and some of the most comprehensive evaluation methods to ensure learning outcomes. Students will be prepared to know, evaluate, research, invest, collaborate and expound upon all areas of learning in all class material.  When the education...
  • Theological Training & Application
    There has never been a greater need for a theologically educated people within the churches. There is a proliferation of error that has filled the pulpits and airwaves. We face the challenge not only of the cults and movements such as radical Islam,...

School Goals

  • Affordable and Quality Theological Training Biblically Governed by the Local Church
  • To Equip All Students to Master the Word of God
  • To Be Available in All Countries & Languages
  • To Labor Over the Application of Learning
  • To Produce Robust and Large Theological Networks
  • To Provide Unapologetically, A Reformed Tradition
  • To Invest in the Ever-Changing Mission Field
  • To Offer Mentoring While Learning to Every Student, Personally
  • To Honor Christ and His Gospel in Everything