I like most people who live in the south have attended church for as long as I can remember. The only Christian doctrine or theological teaching I received was in the form of Sunday School teaching, Sunday night, Wednesday night prayer meeting, and peaching on Sunday morning. To say I did not know what I believed or who God is, would have been an understatement.

My knowledge of the Bible and biblical truth was limited to what others thought the Bible was teaching them. At the age of 53, God called me to begin to read and study the Bible. I found that most of what I thought I knew was error and most of what I had been taught was lacking volume and in many cases truth.

Being able to attend classes on the attributes of God, The doctrine of God, The Trinity, and other theology has allowed me to affirm the truths the Holy Spirit opened my heart to. Knowing what I believe and why has allowed me to grow stronger in faith. Being able to attend these classes has been an invaluable experience, one I hope and pray others will take advantage of.

Doug S., Seminary Student, Coastal Empire, GA

God is on his throne, and all things are under his control. He's gonna do whatever He wants to do, regardless of what we say or do, or even hope for. What we know about God fits on a postage stamp on a football field (just an analogy- obviously nothing can contain all the knowledge of God).

One thing I have learned is that it's not about all the doctrine and knowledge of the Lord that one can possess, it's about the world seeing the love of Christ sincerely manifesting within and towards others. The world can spot dead "love" lip service.

Brian G., Elder, San Francisco Bay, CA


I put off going to seminary for years because I couldn't afford it, didn't think I could retain information and just didn't feel as though I could walk away from life and ministry for three years. Pastor Tippins encouraged me to take course work under the mentoring model of learning and before I knew it I was on my way to being a full-time seminary student. With one year left, I am thankful I invested in my education and most thankful that the Lord allowed me to connect to this ministry, GraceTruth Church and Grace School.

John Boward, Seminary Student, Small Church Pastor