Theological Training & Application

There has never been a greater need for a theologically educated people within the churches. There is a proliferation of error that has filled the pulpits and airwaves. We face the challenge not only of the cults and movements such as radical Islam, but we also face threats from “within” such as the “gay Christian” movement, the prosperity gospel and resurgent antinomianism known as “hyper-grace”. Additionally in the United States we face the challenge of increasing secularism and anti-christianity.

We also feel that the church should be the teaching and preparation arm of theological training, therefore, it is imperative that the local church begins to cooperate on these efforts. With the Lord’s grace, we will see GSTPS be one of many such efforts. Accordingly, the local church knows and can assess the fitness for a candidate for the ministry and should have a guiding hand in training of their member.

It is in the face of these issues and needs that we establish the Grace School of Theology & Pastors’ Seminary

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