It’s MY WAY or the HIGHWAY!  I’m Sure you’ve heard that…


We don’t want to give the impression that we are not going to have strict standards, guidelines, firm deadlines and course requirements.  But when it comes to learning, not all people are at the same level academically.  Let’s consider a few examples to help us all get on the same page. For the sake of explanation, let’s come up with a few learning ‘types’ and talk about each one.

  • SCHOLARS – These are folks who love to read, write, learn, talk, test and just be involved in the whole aspects of academia. These learners are not scared of anything and they’re willing to stay up for days to get the bibliography done.
  • HOLARS – These guys are deep in the treads of the call to ministry, they love all things about truth and learning God’s word, but when the bell rang, “SCHOOL” let out. So they’ve dropped the “SC” from their mindset and they are just proclaiming the word, “Holars” are working in the trenches as missionaries, pastors, teachers etc. and they may or may not be inclined toward scholarship.
  • ARS – Ain’t Reading So…. (you all know we are joking around a little) but in reality there are some people who are called of God and are not inclined one bit to read, write papers or comprehend lectures. In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul teaches that the lowly and nothings of the world are the ones who “are” and will bring to “nothing” those that are… In the same way people were amazed at “unlearned” men when they saw the apostles. So there are times when we have to train those who don’t fit the mold of traditional learning.

So what’s the answer?

We have experts in the fields of education, learning disabilities, reading tutoring, and a plethora of other disciplines who are in place to assist in reading, comprehension, writing, language, ESL, and other areas of need. We also have academic superstars who work with missionaries around the world who train pastors and church leaders who have never seen a book.

These experts are ready to engage with the student who can’t read, who is unable to really write research and the one who is so scared of the idea of higher learning that they want to faint. The methods of such teaching and as important, evaluating the learning are specialized, so we won’t cover them here. Just rest assured that the learning and intensity of such will be to the same high standard as the valedictorian student. So, join us, tell your friends, and get started.


With a team of educators from across the globe, we have a great understanding of teaching a differentiated classroom. But what about the diversity of such things with all the mediums and venues? Well, let’s say that you feel you can do just about anything self-study or “mentored” learning is your style but when it comes to Greek, well, you HAVE to sit in a seat with someone.  OK, we will create a hybrid degree completion plan. That’s right, you are not stuck in ONLINE only, or classroom only. We will taylor your learning to what is best for your circumstances. Just remember, we need to get a good reason for “hybrid” modules as your mentor will have to keep watch over and assist you in every area.