The whole world is on social media together, why can’t they be learning too?

As you’ll see quickly, GSTPS has venues, courses, class work, lectures, videos, digital classrooms, and much more. We have in class options, group options and of course, ONLINE LEARNING. ¬†Getting a degree online is all the rave these days and in reality, we’re going to see more and more higher learning using online study and course work. ¬†It’s more affordable, convenient and at times, easier to manage.

Not all of our classes can be done online and a select few of our degree programs are “in class” only, but mostly about 90% of everything we offer can be modified for online learning.


Just as there are several places one can have a class: church, class room, living room, coffee shop, fire station, etc.; one can also have several different “venues” when considering online study. We offer course work through back-end services hosted with us on our servers and we also have chat rooms, video feeds, facebook “live” options, and even utilize skype or other medium, especially for international students.

So, relax, your online education isn’t going to cause you more aggravation, we want your theological and ministry preparation to be encouraging, inviting and transformational! Let us know you’re ready to get started online today!