Few things hurt more than having to spend more time and resources on something you’ve already spent time and resources on…

First of all, GSTPS does not grant academic credit for “prior experience” nor conferral of degrees based on work or time in the field. ¬†We will however consider such practice, learning, education or self-study as we prepare your customized degree plan.

Our evaluation process on these matters if highly scrutinized, because there is nothing worse than thinking we know what we do not actually know. Remember also that part of the learning with us is to apply and incorporate the knowledge to the work of the ministry. So, if you’ve studied church history and feel you’ve got a handle on it; we’ll help you evaluate that and customize your classes for you. If you are indeed an expert, we have procedures in place for evaluating both the academic and application portions of our course requirements. If you score highly, we will prepare an evaluation exam and practicum that will provide a portfolio credit option.

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